Name Change Announcement (改名通告)


Dear member of CHANO,
We are here to inform you that the Chinese Heritage Association of Northern Ontario (CHANO), will officially change its name to “Chinese Association of Greater Sudbury”.

CHANO has been established for over 20 years, is one of the Chinese organizations, and in recent years, the number of Chinese residents in the Sudbury area has significantly increased.
More Chinese individuals from various parts of the world have joined our local community and expressed their interest in participating in our Chinese cultural activities. After extensive discussions within the CHANO board and consultations with various stakeholders, it has been unanimously decided that in order to better unite all local Chinese residents and other Chinese organizations in Greater Sudbury, expand the scope of our Chinese cultural activities, increase Chinese community engagement, and further enhance our commitment to preserving and promoting Chinese culture while reflecting our association’s roots in and service to the Sudbury region, CHANO will undergo a name change to Chinese Association of Greater Sudbury(CAGS).

This decision is a testament to our commitment to the Chinese community. Following our principle of serving the Chinese community, our association will continue to provide a wide range of cultural and sports activities, create broader social opportunities, and offer stronger community resources and support to all our members. Together, we will strengthen the bonds among Sudbury’s Chinese community.
We are making this announcement to ensure that all our members and the community at large are aware of this name change.

We appreciate your ongoing support and trust in our association. We look forward to a brighter future under our new name, where we will continue to preserve and promote Chinese culture and serve the Chinese community.

Chinese Association of Greater Sudbury

(original Chinese Heritage Association of Northern Ontario)
October 9, 2023


尊敬的萨德伯里华人朋友们, 我们诚挚地通知您,Chinese Heritage Association of Northern Ontario(CHANO)(中文名称:北安大略华人文化交流协会)将正式更名为:“Chinese Association of Greater Sudbury”(CAGS),(中文名称:萨德伯里华人协会)。

CHANO董事会经过多次讨论,并与多方进行沟通,最终一致决定为了更好地团结萨德伯里本地所有华人及组织,扩展华人的活动范围,增加华人参与度,更好的传承我们华人文化,同时更好的反映我们协会根植并服务于萨德伯里地区,将CHANO改名为Chinese Association of Greater Sudbury(CAGS) 萨德伯里华人协会。