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We are together, We the Chinese Sudburians

RE: To raise funds for helping purchase PPE for Health Science North (HSN)

March 29th, 2020

This campaign is for providing some subsidy for Health Science North in Great Sudbury Area.


To all Chinese Sudburians,

Currently in Canada, the COVID-19 situation is increasing in severity daily. Local communities are at great risk. The governments have taken measures to protect our citizens. As Chinese people living in Canada, we should also take steps to participate in flattening the curve.

During the battle against COVID-19, countless doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are defending our lives on the frontline. Currently, medical supplies at HSN are limited, and they are in urgent need of support. Protecting them is protecting us and our community. As such, we call on all Chinese people and various Chinese organizations in Sudbury to lend a helping hand in donating funds to support these frontline workers. We thank everyone for your generosity, encouragement and solidarity during this difficult time.

Health Science North is in great needs of medical supplies for fighting the COVID-19

Objective and purpose: The recipient is the Sudbury Hospital Foundation. All funds raised during this event will be donated to the foundation for the purpose of purchasing medical supplies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deadline:03/04/2020 11:59PM

Donor’s name: This donation will be given to the recipient in the name of Sudbury Chinese.

Organizers of the fundraising: The Chinese Heritage Association of Northern Ontario (CHANO) coordinates this fundraising. The Fundraising Committee consists of its board directors. Representatives from other Chinese organizations will be invited to join the committee for collaboration and oversight.

Funds Management Subcommittee: The Fundraising Committee has established a Funds Management Subcommittee and appointed Xi Chen, Yanrong Fan, Wu Liao, Jinhong Shen and Lianbo Xu to be the board directors. Shabai Xu and Kai Lu have accepted the invitation as non-affiliated oversight members sitting on the board of the subcommittee.

Fundraising target: We hope to raise as much funds as possible, with a target of $6000.


Donation receipts: The funds will be donated collectively in the name of Sudbury Chinese. If you require a receipt, please make sure that you email your request to the CHANO mailbox at . The Fundraising Committee will then contact and provide the Sudbury Hospital Foundation with the information on individual donors for the receipts which are tax-deductible. Please note that, according to the Canadian tax law, only those donors with the donated amounts ≥ $20 will be issued the donation certificates or receipts.

In the email for the receipts, please provide such information: 1) your legal name, 2) your phone and email for contact, 3) the donation confirmation letter you received from GoFundMe, and 4) your mailing address.

In the case that a child donates, please indicate the child’s legal name and age together with his/her guardian’s information so that the donation can be listed separately on the website. The donation certificate or receipt will be issued to the guardian.

Disclosure of information: The fundraising activities including the amounts of donation will be updated daily. Please visit for such information. Any expenses related to the fundraising, e.g., fees for using GoFundMe, will be disclosed as well.

Privacy: Information on the amounts and time of the donations received will be posted on the website. If a donor leaves his name on GoFundMe, this information will be posted publicly. If you do not want your name to be posted on the website, please make sure to indicate this while you are making your donation or, alternatively, choose to donate anonymously. In either case, the donor will be shown as an anonymous donor on the websit